Hear your web site being hit

Somebody in the world is browsing the internet and hits your web site. How do you know?

IIS provides logging services (WinXP: Control Panel->Admin Tools->IIS->Web Sites->Default Web Site. Rt-Click, Properties, Enable Logging, choose the kind of logging you want and where the logs go. Hit F1 to bring up help and descriptions of the log formats.

You can create your own log format by just a SQL insert into a table of any relevant information

One simple addition is to hear your web site being hit. Web services don’t have any UI, but they can play a sound on the PC’s sound system.

Just play a sound with this code:

DECLARE integer Beep IN WIN32API integer frequency,integer duration


IIn addition, my web site logs events to a VFP table, so I can open an instance of VFP and BROWSE the table, using a refresh rate of 2 seconds (SET REFRESH to 2) to see the log changing as web hits happen.

For more about my web site architecture, see this blog.