Phone Number Challenge update

I'm back from a month sabbatical/paternity leave.


Due to popular demand, here’s an update of the phone number problem, with a web site from which you can try the algorithm

A while ago, I posted a blog about a sort of informal programming contest at Microsoft.

The idea was to write a program that finds phrases that represent a given phone number, like 642-394-6369 is NiceWinFox using a normal touch tone phone keypad (ABC = 2, DEF =3,etc.)

It turns out my submission was the first entry, and the contest moderator was quite impressed that it was written in VFP.

Just after, I wrote a more efficient version of the algorithm and wrote a VFP PRG to host it on a web site. I thought I'd share the algorithm and code.

At the time I used an internal Microsoft only web site because my web server was too old to handle a lot of traffic.

I’ve since bought a new machine, so my old machine is now my web server, and so I thought I’d share the phone number program on my public site. The site is run by a Visual FoxPro DLL

You can type in a phone number or English word and see the results. The source code is also on the site.

Keep in mind that this algorithm is computationally intensive.