Sharing Disneyland Digital pictures

A family reunion in Disneyland means bring my camera! I wanted to make sure that the digital pictures I took were saved and shared.

If you run out of film with film cameras, you can just buy more film wherever you are. However, when running out of digital storage, it would be nice to have backup digital storage.

I brought along my Tablet PC (one of the originals: a 2 ½ year old Acer TravelMate 100) as my main picture storage. My web site is set up with FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and I had web access from our room. It was a simple process to start Internet Explorer and navigate to my FTP site and just copy pictures to my home machine. My sister-in-law had a digital camera too, and I asked if I could copy her pictures to my machine.

I wanted to share the 350 pictures (10 rolls of film!) and movie clips with my family. However, that would be a lot of thumbnails to show on a single web page.

Because not all family members attended all 8 days. I divided the pictures into 8 daily groups with just 3 lines of code: (for Feb 5 thru 12)

FOR i=5 TO 12

      SELECT * FROM pictures WHERE DAY(datetime)=i INTO TABLE ("Reunion"+PADL(i,2,'0'))


The “pictures” table was already filtered to Feb 2005 by a simple query for a date range.

This produced 8 tables named Reunion05.DBF through Reunion12.DBF

Then I just sent email to my family with 8 links to these tables. Much better than going to the photo lab for reprints/enlargements!

Click here for more details of how I handle my digital pictures.