The MVPs are coming!

I was quoted in this Computerworld article about the MVP summit, which is happening this week in Seattle.

The author says I compiled a “spreadsheet that ranked the most prolific posters on the FoxPro forum”.

That is slightly incorrect: obvious to Fox users, I used Fox to maintain a database for this job. I almost certainly used FoxBase because the list started way before FoxPro existed. In fact, those dial up days preceded the internet, and it cost lots of $ to connect to online bulletin boards like Compuserve (at 2400 Baud<g>)

Those were the days of TapCIS and OzCIS: two popular offline readers. They could be configured to go online to CIS (Compuserve Information Services), visit various fora (what’s the plural of forum?), download and upload messages, then log off. I could spend hours reading/posting messages with no connect time charges accumulating.

Reminds me of the days in junior high when our 4K ram computer had a sign that said “Think Offline!”

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