Windows SmartPhone can run my Web Apps

I took my family to Whistler for some great skiing. Because our cell phones didn’t work too reliably when we were there before Christmas, we decided to get new cell phones to replace our 2 year old analog cell phones.

Communications was quite simple and reliable with the new phones.

My Cingular 2125 is one of the latest SmartPhones available. It allows me to sync to my exchange server, read my email, full access to my contact list, and even take videos and pictures. I could browse to web sites and even read my blog!

When I connect it via the single USB cable to a computer, it charges the battery and it shows up as a network device with which I can copy files back and forth via Explorer.

I ran Fox Web apps like the Phone Number demo (convert 800-776-4726 to 800-PROGRAM) with no problem.

I could even query my entire 24,000 picture database for “ski” over the web and I got all the pictures of my kids skiing on my phone!

A web server can detect if it’s a WinCE device by checking if “Windows CE” or “Smartphone” is in the Request.ServerVariables(“HTTP_USER_AGENT”)

fWinCE = ATC("Windows CE",request.ServerVariables("HTTP_USER_AGENT").item)>0

There is an issue which I’m not sure how to fix. My main computer has a speaker system which plays sounds when the CPU tells it to. However, apparently whenever the cell phone is nearby and transmitting, I hear very loud interference sounding almost like Morse code that’s broad spectrum (like a square wave). It’s very annoying. I can completely mute the speaker system from Windows, with no change.

In fact, other speaker systems that are non-computer related do the same thing: I hear the same sounds from a CD player. I thought that Cell phones had to comply with FCC radio interference rules. Also, if I put the phone near the screen, I can see lots of screen distortion in sync with the audio interference.