Leaving Microsoft

Yesterday was my last day in the Visual Basic group at Microsoft. In a couple of weeks, I'm moving to Japan where I'll be attending intensive Japanese language school for a year in Aichi prefecture. I'm not entirely sure what to expect, but I know that from day one the teachers speak only in Japanese. Five hours of class per day, plus two or three hours of homework a night. Should be fun! Er... Wait... Am I insane?

I've been working in the Visual Basic group since July 1999. And before that, I did a couple of internships with them. Leaving MS to do something completely different, and not even computer related, is a huge change. I'm sad to leave but excited about what lies ahead.

I apologize; my blog has been silent for the past couple of months. This was due to time constraints rather than a loss of interest. I'll keep updating this blog with useful VB info as well as interesting adventures I have along the way.