Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) 2012 RC1 Release

MDT 2012 RC1, including the new version of User Driven Installation(UDI), is now available for download. To participate, register for MDT 2012 RC 1 at Microsoft Connect.

This update provides support for Configuration Manager 2012 RC2 releases. MDT 2012 fully leverages the capabilities provided by Configuration Manager 2012 for OS deployment.

Customize Deployment Questions: For System Center Configuration Manager customers the latest version of MDT offers new User-Driven Installation components and  improved wizard and designer extensibility

Bug Fixes: There are a number of bug fixes which have also been included in this release such as appropriately setting mappings for applications

Additional Enhancements: There are a number of enhancements which have also been made such as the ability to multi-select OUs for addition to the computer page.

How Do I Get It and What are the Next Steps?

So what are you waiting for? Follow the steps below to participate in the MDT 2012 RC1.

  1. Join the   MDT 2012 RC 1  
  2. Test the tools in your environment and then provide feedback through Connect
  3. Learn more about UDI as I provide in-depth information in future posts through my blog
  4. Learn more about MDT in general by connecting to the MDT TechNet site and the official MDT team blog