Australian insurance company uses Tablet PC

Tony, the insurance assessor from AAMI, came to our house this afternoon to determine how much they are going to pay out from the burglery. I was impressed when he pulled out his Tablet PC and started to fill out the claim. While he confessed that he is still a "pen and paper man", Tony did admit the Tablet PC solution has more benefits than minuses. He can complete a claim and submit it wirelessly, turning around customer claims faster. He can also look up policy details while sitting in his client's living room. The downside? It's slow to retrieve data over his wireless connection. The battery life sucks when you are on the road all day with only 20 minutes between appointments to re-charge in the car. The handwriting recognition doesn't work as well as he'd like, so he types, even though he is a slow typist. The solution built for AAMI logs him off every 30 minutes "for security reasons". If he walks away from the Tablet for 31 minutes to inspect the scene, he has to log back in, which takes time. However, all said, he is happy with the solution.