BizDex - Australian National B2B Registry

Bizdex is
a project that I am beginning to get my head around. It is essentially a collaboration
between government (eg NOIE), standards bodies (eg Standards Australia), and industry
(eg Aust Post, AWB, Microsoft, Red Wahoo, SAP, Sun, Tradegate, Quicken, etc) to develop
a collection of open infrastructure components that will hopefully provide the environment
necessary for B2B collaborations to flourish in this country.

One of the challenges I think many of us are facing is: now that many of our larger
enterprises are "e-enabled", how do we create a framework where they can trade electronically,
not only with each other more effectively, but also with their smaller trading partners?

Perhaps an initiative like Bizdex is one step in the right direction.

Another tool I am eager to see come to Australia is the Microsoft
Business Network
. I'm talking to the guys locally who work in our Microsoft Business
Solutions team (the same team who look after Great Plains, Axapta, and our cool new
CRM solution) about how soon we can bring this to Australia.