car registrations online

Chris Johnson complains that you can't register your car online in NZ. Of course, we can do it here on the mainland (that's Australia of course). Chris makes a good point though. There are still plenty of simple services that haven't gone online yet. One of the things I would still love to see is a central agency with which I can change my home and mailing address when I move house (as i did about a month ago) which every other service provider polls to get my current details. Microsoft suggested this concept with “Hailstorm” a few years ago and got shouted down. But as a user, I would love to see something like that happen sooner rather than later. Locally I'd love to see someone like Australia Post run such a service. After all, they are already the folks who deliver the mail to me. Why aren't they the only guys who I have to update with my change of address details? Couldn't they then run that as a web service which other service providers could poll?