Gold Coast

I'm up at the Gold Coast for a couple of days at the Microsoft Partner Conference
at the Royal Pines Resort. Being an ex-Queenslander, I always snigger at the suggestion
that QLD is "beautiful one day, perfect the next" and, as if on cue, as I arrived
in my room and decided to go for a walk in the sunshine, a thunderstorm hit...

Thank God the Rugby is over. I watched the last 20 minutes of extra time of the Grand
Final and that itself was almost enough to put me to sleep... been trying to figure
out why I dislike watching sport so much when it seems to be the national past-time...
the only BAD thing about the Rugby finishing is now it is cricket season...

I installed Pocket
recently on my XDA. It's a very handy little app for reading your RSS feeds
while mobile. I recommend it. I had a few problems importing my OPML list (because
it seems to want to import it from a HTTP address and I haven't figured out how to
do that), so I've manually installed a few of my favourite RSS feeds and it works
nice. It's a .NET app to boot!