I've been robbed

Literally. My house got burgled yesterday while we were all out. First time for me. The thief didn't take much. $500 cash. $5000 worth of DVDs and CDs. But the thing that busts me up is that when they took my miniDV video camera, they took with the case it comes in, 12 months of video cassettes of my kids lives. Lots of memories there. They should do ten years hard time for that alone.

Then there's the funny stuff. They took the remote control for my TV. The power cable for my laptop. My sister's alarm clock. And when they took half of my DVD collection, they at least showed some taste. They took The Godfather Trilogy, X-Files Series One, The Sopranos Series One, etc. But they left my wife's copy of "Little House On The Prairie, The Highlights". You gotta love a criminal with enough self-respect to think "Hey - I may be a junkie and a low-life thief, but I am NOT going to be seen pawning anything by Michael Landon. That's where I draw the line."

You gotta love that.