Tonight I was fortunate enough to catch Jamie Oehlers' 2nd last gig in Melbourne before he heads off to spend a few years gigging around Europe.

Oehlers, who is from Perth in Western Australia originally, but has lived and played in Melbourne for the last few years, won first prize at the 2003 WORLD SAXOPHONE COMPETITION at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland.

His quintet tonight featured TWO DRUMMERS - something I've never seen before in a jazz quintet! It was an awesome gig - this guy can really play. It was smokin'.

He has two CD's available: "Strut" (1998) and "Velocity" (2001). You can hear some samples of his live sound on his website.

Update: By the way, for anyone in Melbourne wanting to catch Jamie's last gig in Australia, it's on Wednesday 25/2/04 at 303 High Street, Northcote. See you there!