NYC trip - days two, three... whatever

ugh... where am I? what day is it? what's that I'm wearing?

It's been a hectic few days. Still wicked cold here: -8' C today and they are predicting a light snow.

Went out with Paul and Meridyth to a crazy place down on orchard street called “The Slipper Room”. Weird joint. Felt like I had just stepped into a David Lynch film. The MC for the night was a guy called “Doctor Donut” (a guy dressed up as an evil villian with a costume encrusted with krispy kremes) and the the acts included “New York Bob” who is ... well... kind of like a demented Marilyn/Mae West and some guy dressed up as Wonder Woman dancing to the theme song from the TV show. Strange, but an excellent night out if you don't want to take life too seriously! At some stage we ended up at Kush, another little place on Orchard, with a Turkish flavour, complete with hookahs! As we were leaving Kush, a black bouncer guy said to me “great hat man“! Oh the pimp hat has street cred now baby! (or he was laughing his ass of at me, not sure which...)

Oh what happened then... oh at some stage Meridyth set her hair on fire, Paul hit her in the head with a block of ice, giving her a minor concussion, Paul and I argued over whether or not he had really travelled through Jordan with Bedouins.... it was a great night!

Yesterday I went to see “Cat On A Hot Tin Roof“ on Broadway at the Music Box Theatre, which is a place built by Irving Berlin. Ashley Judd as Maggie the Cat. First time I've ever seen the stage play. Three hours! Awesome.

Last night I had dinner at my favourite japanese restaurant in the world Empire Szechuan in Greenwich Village, they do an eggplant/shiitake mushroom stirfry that just rocks, and then caught The Terence Blanchard Quintet play the Village Vanguard across the road. Terence came up through Art Blakely's Messengers and has done a lot of soundtracks for Spike Lee films. It was an terrific set. Great band, very young, vibrant, talented guys.

So, anyway, in the Microsoft Manhattan office this morning, had lunch planned with some folks here but they are too busy... soooo New York of them... and I am catching my flight to Ithaca this afternoon. Better go have some more soup at Al's Soup Kitchen before I go!