what do you think of the Microsoft Portable Media Center

Microsoft Portable Media Center (aka Media2Go) was announced at CES 2003, but this is from a current article in SeattlePI:

The Microsoft Portable Media Center with a 40-gigabyte hard drive is expected to hold up to 175 hours of video, 10,000 songs or 100,000 pictures, using Windows Media audio and video files.will store and play back video, music and photos.”

We apparently wanted to see them in stores for the recent holiday season but, as I didn’t see one in MY stocking, I can only assume they slipped. J

Is this the future of portable entertainment devices? If I think about how I use my Creative Nomad Zen, I don’t know if I would use a PMC in the same way. It’s a little big and a little heavy to carry around or to fit in my car. Sure – having a screen for displaying video and pictures is kinda cool, but will I use it often enough to justify the size and weight of the device? I rarely use my xda for video or pictures. Maybe that’s just me. [via Slashdot]