Channel 9 and 10-4

If you are not already aware of Channel 9, stop what you are doing right now and go check it out.


I'll wait. :)

Channel 9 has a long a brilliant history of shining a light on all things that Microsoft is doing through the video medium. Soon after the 2008 PDC was over, the session videos were made available on Channel 9, allowing folks who couldn't make the conference to see the details, but also giving the folks who were there the ability to catch the sessions they were unable to catch in person. ( Here's the link to my talk at the PDC. )

In addition, when the VSTS 2010 CTP became available, the Channel 9 folks launched a series of videos that introduced you to the various areas of the Team System product line ( including your's truly :) ).

Well now, they're doing it again.

Today the Channel 9 folks have announced a new video podcast series entitled "10-4". The idea is simple: every week, provide a video to the community detailing various aspects of Visual Studio 2010 and the .NET Framework 4.0.

Check out Brian Keller's post for some more details.

I love those guys!