CTP5 Refresh Available!

Folks, we have produced a small patch that we are making available here designed to address some performance problems around the initial import of existing database schema into the project system, as well as the performance of project reopen scenarios. The improvement, depending on how "big" ( read number of database objects ) your database schema is, can be substantial. We're not done tuning performance, but we felt that this was such a large step in the right direction, we wanted to share it with you.

I'm including the information that is also on the download page ( again go here to get the bits ) in this post to stress the importance of reading it. Understand that this patch requires CTP5 to be installed. Also, please please please understand that this patch has not gone through the same rigor of testing as our regular CTP releases. Again, we have made this available to garner more feedback from folks experiencing performance problems with the product.

If you do run into problems that you were not experiencing with the stand alone CTP5 bits, we have spent time in making sure that the uninstall of the patch takes you back to the original state of your CTP5 install in case you run into problems.

Here's the information required for the patch:


After installing via the MSI you need to make sure that the SQL Server instance that is used for design time verification is running under a security account that has access to your project folder; you can change it to either LocalSystem or to the users machine or domain account. To change this, you need to use the SQL Server Configuration Manager, available through Start | Programs | Microsoft SQL Server 2005 | Configuration Tools | SQL Server Configuration Manager.

NOTE: Do not use the Windows Service Manager, since that will not change the ACL’s on the Registry correctly for SQL Server.

After this you need to login to SQL Server as a sysadmin role member and run:

use master
grant execute on sp_detach_db to public

Uninstalling the patch:
In order to uninstall the patch use the command file that is registered in the Visual Studio program folder (see Start | Programs | Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 | Uninstall VSDBPro CTP5 Patch), this will uninstall the patch, cleanup the GAC and repair Visual Studio Team Edition 2005 for Database Professionals CTP5 (it will ask for the install location of CTP5 when you removed this from your local disk).


As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated and welcome, so please, fire away!