Debugger Canvas 1.1 Released

Since the initial release of the Debugger Canvas last summer, the team has been busy taking all the great feedback from you, acting on it, and preparing a new release. That release, Debugger Canvas 1.1, has just been released on DevLabs!

The teams has focused on fixing numerous bugs as well as addressing a number of performance issues, but has also poured a number of new features into this release:

  • Easily turn Debugger Canvas on or off, even in the middle of a debug session
  • Quickly navigate up and down the call stack in the canvas using the keyboard or the mouse
  • See Multiple threads together on the canvas, each thread identified by its color.
  • See recursive calls side by side
  • Edit code directly in the code bubbles ( this is now on by default ).

Please take this new release out for a test drive by going over to DevLabs and downloading this new version. And as always, the team welcomes and looks forward to your feedback. Please visit the DevLabs forum and let us hear about it!