ERWin 7.2 and DBPro WebCast

I will be participating with my partners at CA to present a "Taming and Managing Database Change" webcast on August 14th from 1PM EST - 2PM EST. The general gist of the webcast is to show how ERWin 7.2 sits on top of the DBPro project model, and how the two tools team up to attack the enormous problem of data tier change management and risk mitigation. There will certainly be some slides, but we hope to show more demos than slideware during the talk!

For those who want to register on CA's site and have the webcast automatically injected on your calendar with proper reminders, follow this link and register:

For those who just want the Live Meeting details directly, here you go:

  Subject: Taming and Managing Database Change

  Meeting URL:

  Meeting ID: RD95ZR

  Meeting Key: d(&z9QH

  Role: Attendee

  Audio Conferencing (Toll): +1 (706) 643-7677 

  Audio Conferencing (Toll-free): +1 (877) 236-1985 

  Participant Code: 4536306

Hope to see you then!