Launch Day for VS2010 and .NET Framework 4!!!

As you undoubtedly have heard by now, VS2010 and .NET Framework 4 have officially launched! WooHoo!

This is an enormous achievement by literally thousands of men and women here at Microsoft, as well as close partners and friends. Truly an accumulation of multiple years of effort, now being made available today. Makes me tired just thinking about it! :)

But the work is not yet done for many of us folks on the product team, marketing, and field folks. What you will be seeing in the weeks ahead is a huge push from a large number of us trying to get the word out, as well as make ourselves more available to customers both existing and potential. The sheer amount of new capabilities in Visual Studio 2010 is simply staggering, so it will take a while for folks to understand what is there, let alone how best to use these new capabilities in their day to day jobs.

So I will be doing my part to help get the word out and have the more face-to-face conversations with you folks.

I will be travelling the Midwest at the end of this month with one of our best Developer Evangelists, Jennifer Marsman, hitting customer sites, presenting at user group events, etc. Check out Jennifer’s post about this tour for details.

If you are in the area on any of those dates, please drop by. Oh, and don’t let my “glamour” shot scare you away. :)

Cheers, and happy launch day! :)