Layer Diagram in Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate Beta 2

[NOTE: This post is part of a blog series, the start of which is here.]


I’ve had a couple of posts that have discussed the general nature of the Layer Diagram ( check out this older post to get a rough idea of what this diagram is all about ), a new diagram type we have introduced in VS2010. The main concept of the Layer diagram has remained the same, but a number of subtle and not so subtle changes have occurred to this diagram since the early CTPs, through Beta 1, and now finally, Beta 2. I’m going to discuss some of those details at the high level, then dig into more of the details in the posts ahead.

But for this post, I figured I’d post a video to get you into the latest features of the layer diagram as quickly as I can. You will need to install the free Camtasia codecs in order to view it. Enjoy!