PDC2009: What a ride!

Just back from PDC! It was a very busy but great experience. It is always exciting to show folks all the great stuff that is about to RTM with Visual Studio 2010, and even better to see how you are planning on using those new capabilities.

I participated in the Day One keynote with Bob Muglia, which was really a blast! We announced a number of great new technologies during this keynote, and I had the pleasure of showing of few of those off. If you go to 1:43:00 in this video, you’ll see my demo from start ( ~10 minutes of demo ). ( You can also see a higher res version of the video from here, starting at ~1:31 ).

I talked about some great stuff you can do with Windows Identity Foundation, Windows Workflow Foundation, ASP.NET MVC2, the new Windows Server App Fabric, .NET 4, and of course Visual Studio 2010.

All that occurred by 10:30 AM Tuesday morning. That evening, at 4:30, I presented a breakout session called “Code Visualization, UML, and DSLs”. You can see that entire session from here, or a higher res version from here. Had a great time taking lots of questions and showing the product.

On Thursday morning, Mario Rodriguez ( star PM on the TFS team ) and I gave a talk called “A Lap Around Microsoft Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server 2010”. Last I checked the video was not yet ready, but visit that link later as it should be up soon.

Oh, and one last thing. Someone finally talked me into getting a Twitter account. I still can’t decide if this is just a complete waste of time, but I promised I’d give it a go for a month or so. If you want, follow me on Twitter.