Providing Feedback

By now, you’ve pulled down the Beta2 bits and have started exploring. ( No you say? Please check this post for details on how to get the bits…. )

You may have questions, want to express concerns, find bugs and want to report them, or in general just look for more venues where topics specific to the Architecture and Modeling tools in Visual Studio 2010 can be found.

The MSDN forums are the place to start, and in particular, the following two forums have been created for the Beta2 bits:

Visual Studio Architectural Discovery & Modeling Tools
”Discuss the code visualization and modeling tools in Visual Studio 2010, such as Architecture Explorer, dependency graphs, UML diagrams, and layer diagrams”

Visual Studio 2010 Domain-Specific Languages (DSL) & Modeling Tools Extensibility
”Discuss the Microsoft Domain-Specific Language (DSL) Tools and extending the architecture and modeling tools for Visual Studio 2010”

As the product roles into RTM, these forums will be the place to directly interact with MVP, fellow users, and of course the folks from Microsoft that actually built the product!

See you there! :)