VSTS Has a New Web Site

The VSTS product groups here at Microsoft are all heads down working as hard as we can to get the next great version of Visual Studio Team System out the door, VSTS 2010. We're working new features, fixing bugs, testing, listening to feedback, testing some more, and so on.

I'm proud of the fact that the Team System team in particular has a great reputation for not only listening to customer and MVP feedback, but doing something with it.

We have another great example of this that you can try out for yourself right here.

The VSTS home page on MSDN has received a load of "tender love and care" by a great team of people. Sharon Elkins took point on this project, and has done a fantastic job in making the content more discoverable, correct, and easier to soak up!

Please take some time to explore the newly organized site, as well as the new content found there, and above all else, keep the feedback coming! :)