XMI Support in VS2010

A few folks have pinged me in regards to the fact that I didn’t include XMI Export as part of the first “Feature Pack” I mentioned in this post, and whether or not I just missed or what.

No, I didn’t just forget to put it in there, the fact is it’s just not ready to include in the first pack. The team executes strictly down a prioritized product back log in the classic SCRUM sense, and due to a few issues along the way, XMI Export slipped from the release given the timelines we are trying to hit.

That said, we will certainly be providing support for XMI Export, it just won’t be in the first “Feature Pack”. We may even release it earlier as a PowerTool ( again, more on the differences between Feature Packs and Power Tools shortly ). I’d love to hear how urgent this is for you, so feel free to ping me offline.

But also remember that the UML meta data created or imported into VS2010 is all completely accessible via public APIs. Please read this article and this one for more details.

All this said, the bottom line is that XMI Export is coming, we are planning on making it available as soon as ready, but it just isn’t yet.

Stay tuned.