Managing Lync with Powershell - Lync Server Admin Guide Powershell Supplement

Hi Everyone

I recently discovered that we released a Powershell Supplement to the Lync Server Administration Guide. I must have been asleep that day, because if I had to choose two things in Tech that I passionate about then they would have to be Lync and Powershell.

I am a big believer in not clicking, so you can imagine I was pretty excited to see the Lync Team have released the Lync Server Powershell Administration guide. I have gone through the document and found it to be very useful, especially if you are responsible for the day to day operations of a Lync Server 2010 environment. I particularly enjoyed the section on "Managing Users", and got a few useful tidbits that I didn't have in my Lync cheat sheet (make sure you start building your Lync cheat sheet with all the useful Lync commands, if you haven't already).

I am sure the Lync Server Administration Guide is awesome too, but I was way too pumped about the Powershell version to get to the original document.

If you are a Powershell fan and you manage Lync in your environment then get yourself a copy of the Lync Server Administration Guide Powershell Supplement. You can download it here

Happy Lync'ing