Are you an Influencer who blogs? Tell us!

imageIt is amazing what you come across when you are not looking for it.  I was poking around this blog looking for something when I noticed my name in a list a the bottom of a post. It is a list of blogs that was probably put together three or four years ago by either Rick, Damir, or Rodney (or whoever was managing this blog at the time) following an e-mail to all of us that read ‘Hey, we’d love to put your blog on our site… what’s the address?’

Of course all of those people who had previously managed the blog have moved on, and chances are when they were still in role this list was not their number one priority.  However as we get ready to kick of 2013 we find ourselves in a rather unique position.  Our team has completely refreshed in the past four months.  Of course Chris DiLullo is still the Senior Audience Marketing Manager, but Pierre is the new IT Evangelist and I am a Virtual Technical Evangelist.  To put it bluntly, we are doing the jobs of more than three people, but we are still trying to make sure that nothing gets missed.

And so here I am looking at this list, which has an address for my blog which I have not used since 2009.  I have no idea how many people have tried to click on that link and gotten a Page Not Found error, and was glad that it was easy to fix…

…easy to fix, huh?  Well then here’s a great opportunity for us to upgrade our Blog Roll links.  If you are an IT Pro with a blog and you would like for us to publicize your blog on our site, drop me a line ( and I will gladly take a look; if it fits then I’ll add you to the list!  It’s that simple.  Hopefully we can help to drive traffic to your site, and who knows? From time to time maybe you’ll write an article that might go well on our site, and we can cross-post it.

The IT Evangelism Team at Microsoft Canada is always looking for ways to engage its influencers, and this is just one more way that we can do that.  Hopefully it will help you, which is of course our goal.

Look for other ways that we will be looking to reach out to our influencers in 2013… the team has discussed a lot of ideas, and hopefully by mid-January we will start rolling some of them out.  In the meantime, send us your blog address, and have a great holiday season, and the best for a happy and healthy 2013!