DevOps Basics : Deploying A Simple Docker Environment on Azure

Whether it be a simple environment with one machine to test and discover Docker or a full redundancy production environment on multiple machines, Azure is the best destination to deploy it!

In this video I will show you how you can easily spin up a simple Docker environment on Azure. Indeed, this video is for everybody who wants to discover Azure, Linux and Docker from the beginning...

Deploying a Docker machine on Azure

1. As you know, we need to go on the Azure portal:

2. Click on the new button and search for Docker in the search textbox on the top

3. Choose Docker on Ubuntu Server

4. Complete for some basics information like the Host Name, User Name…
I chose a Password Authentication because it’s faster to deploy and simpler for a development environment ;
I keep the Pricing Tier and Optional Configuration per default ;
I created a new Resource Group and change the location ;

5. Time for coffee, we have to wait around 5-10 min. Azure will deploy a Ubuntu server with Docker installed on it

6. We’re all set and ready to connect on it through SSH

Remote connection with SSH

Today as you know everything is scriptable thanks to command line and you’ll see if you are starting your journey with Docker or Linux you will have to use command line very often…

So that’s why I recommend to use a multi table console tool. Me for example I’m using cmder and I can easily manage multiple connections in different languages, and even more, it will install some nice tools like Git and SSH.

1. We have to check the DNS name of our virtual machine to initiate the connection
From the Azure portal, click on the new machine just created

2. Copy the DNS Name

3. Lunch a command line and type : ssh USERNAME@DNSNAME
In my example I have : ssh

4. And "Voila", you are now connected into your environment, you can now run docker command


It's just the beginning ...

Like a said, this quick introduction show you how you can easily start one environment thanks to Azure. I will write more articles on Docker on different topics in few weeks but I wanted to start from the beginning :)

Here some interesting links about Docker :