Eating some DogFood - Alpha Mosaik implements corporate web presence on Sharepoint 2007

I was chatting with Daniel Nerenberg on Messenger the other day. He asked if I had been to Alpha Mosaik's new website...  He was quite excited because they had decided to deploy it on top of SharePoint 2007!  I asked him to write up a quick post about their reasons and goals for the project - have a look...


I work for a Montreal based services consulting company. We specialize in designing and deploying Microsoft solutions.

To challenge ourselves and to show to our customers that we don’t just talk the talk we deploy the same technology we recommend. Microsoft calls this eating your own dogfood.

This summer we decided to really "chow down" as it were. We designed and deployed our new corporate web site on Sharepoint 2007.

Why did we launch our mission critical web site on beta technology? Here are the main goals for the project:

  • The first goal was to showcase our talented Sharepoint designers, and our dedication to the future of the Microsoft collaboration stack. (Let’s face it bragging rights!)
  • The second goal was to facilitate the flow of information into the site. Using Sharepoint’s workflow foundation our Sharepoint team made it easy for anyone to publish new content into the site, and for our marketing direction to tweak and approve the content. This allows a relatively small company to leverage all the potential talents in the organization, while always presenting the content in a uniform manner.
  • Finally the platform had to be easy for our non technical content managers to use. The primary role of most of the content managers at Alpha Mosaik is sales and marketing based. With Sharepoint Controls they are able to easily manage, edit, and publish new content. All with the ease of point and click interfaces.

What this all boils down to for us is the ability to deliver a richer more informative web site for our customers and partners. It also means that as an IT Pro I can easily contribute content without getting distracted with the technical details of publishing web pages.

I invite you to visit our website, and to post comments/questions about the challenges we faced during the implementation. Our Sharepoint and IT teams would be happy to field any question you may have!


Daniel Nerenberg

Daniel Nerenberg, MCSA, MCSE, - Senior consultant with Alpha Mosaik in Montreal ( and Vice president of the Montreal IT pro user group ( Daniel is naturally inquisitive and passionate about technology. Driven by the desire to see cool technology bring people together in a global and local communities.