Get Antigen for SharePoint FREE Until June 30, 2006!!!

For customers looking to protect Windows SharePoint Services against viruses and inappropriate content, Microsoft is offering Antigen for SharePoint free for six months. All Windows SharePoint Services customers are entitled to an extended free trial of Antigen for SharePoint. This trial version will be active through June 30, 2006.

To download, simply go to and fill out the informational form.

More on the Antigen for Windows SharePoint Services solution:

Windows SharePoint Services allows organizations to create workspaces where teams can collaborate and share information. This collaboration also makes it possible for users to share malicious code and undesirable content, which can find its way onto Windows SharePoint Services sites through uploaded documents, HTML pages or mapped network drives.

Antigen for SharePoint allows Windows SharePoint Services users to collaborate without the risk of uploading or downloading infected documents or inappropriate content. Real-time scanning for viruses ensures documents are safe before they are saved to or retrieved from document library. Administrator-defined content filtering rules help organizations enforce corporate policy for language usage and confidentiality within documents, while configurable file filtering rules help customers ensure that file types known for carrying viruses or opening organizations to legal exposure (for example, .mp3) are blocked.