Heroes Happen {In Your Lab}

One thing I mentioned a few times on the HHH tour in Canada was the ability for you to download a build guide to set up your own lab and follow the steps to do all the demos on your own in your virtual lab.  Well it is finally done!  Before I shared it with everyone I wanted to ensure it was right and so I send it out to a few people to check it out and ensure it was.  Nelson and Danielle Ruest, a couple of MVPs from Victoria B.C. and authors of the Windows Server 2008 Complete Reference reviewed it, pointed out a few mistakes that got corrected.

So what are you downloading?

  1. Virtual Machine configuration information for the IT Pro session 2 and 3 network
  2. Links to download all the software needed (in case you didn't get a software pack)
  3. Step by step demo scripts for the IT Pro session 2 and 3 demos
  4. Videos of the IT Pro session 2 demos (Session 3 coming in June)
  5. Batch files used for Server Core demos
  6. Additional resources to dive in further into all Server 2008 technologies.

So what are you waiting for?  Get the file, set up your lab and get going with some hands on experience with the HHH demos!

Download Heroes Happen {Here} Lab Guide here!