Opening Post - WELCOME!!!

We just finished out mid year planning as a team here in the Canadian IT Pro team at Microsoft Canada.  You are probably familiar with the team and out blogging activities.  All of the team members have their own personal "online persona" and maintain a blog with relevant technical and interesting information for IT Professionals across Canada (and the world).  One thing came up as a lightbulb moment (I love those!) during the planning sessions.  Why not combine all of our efforts into a single blog for Canadian IT Pros!  We could have a central spot for everyone to touch base with anyone on the team as well as providing our own personal slants on technology articles and posts. Bruce could jump in on my Active Directory discussions from a security perspective… Barnaby could interject with a linux / OSS perspective… Damir could jump in talking about interoperability with Oracle or integration into a SQL 2005 implementation - the possibilities are endless.

After some more discussion - we decided to do it.

Welcome you to the Canadian IT Pro team blog for IT Professionals across Canada. You should see some good activity kicking in here in the coming weeks as we start to figure out how to work in a team blogging perspective. Stay tuned for various look and feel changes, RSS feeds, PodCasts/BlogCasts and guest bloggers from the industry.

I'll be kicking things off with posts about the upcoming TNX:TechNet Exchange tour and giving you blow by blow accounts of what's going on for the planning process as well as current updates while on the road.

Stay tuned - exciting times ahead.