Ottawa TechNet Monthly - Group Policy Series Wrap-up Resources

Today I finished off the 3 Part Series on GroupPolicy up here in Ottawa.  All three parts were well received by the record breaking attendance. I put these sessions on in the Ottawa office as a value add to whoever wants to drop in and listen. They have evolved from a small gathering of a 1/2 dozen people up to our high of 60+. I strongly encourage you to subscribe to the TechNet Flash to stay connected to your LOCAL Canadian events and take advantage of attending these free events in the local Microsoft Offices across Canada.

I promised all who attended that I would be posting a nice resource page for anything to do with GroupPolicy that was discussed over the last three months… This is the post.

The main TechNet Windows Server TechCentre on Group Policy.  This is your one stop shop for everything GroupPolicy related from the presence on the internet. Fantastic documents, links and resources all in one page:

The specific link to the pre-recorded WebCasts that have taken place regarding Group Policy from my colleagues in the states who do it so well. Top rated 14 part “on demand” webcast series on Group Policy (there are a couple overview ones as well as specific GPMC ones)

and one of my personal favourites  – Common Desktop Management Scenarios with the GPMC… It has downloadable examples of 6 different group policy scenarios ranging from very open to very locked down (Lightly managed, Mobile, Multi-User, AppStation, TaskStation and Kiosk).

The community site I was talking about otherwise known as the GroupPolicy Wiki… This place is great for 3rd party extensions to GPMC and other community inspired content.

Finally… The links to Slide content from all three sessions… Here are the links for each of the sessions.  If the links are not functioning - it's because the content hasn't been uploaded as of yet… Check back again - I promise I will update the links.
Ottawa TechNet Monthly Group Policy 1 of 3
Ottawa TechNet Monthly Group Policy 2 of 3
Ottawa TechNet Monthly Group Policy 3 of 3

If you have any additional links or resources you would like to share with the online community - please post a comment and I'll check it out and include it (with you being credited with the link).

I had a blast doing the sessions - thanks for the support and for coming out to listen. I hope that you join me in February for a great session on Windows Server 2003 R2!