Real World Azure: An Overview of Cloud Computing

The other day Rick posted an entry on cloud computing and asked “As IT Pros who save the world every day at work – what do you think about all this “cloud” stuff?”  It led to a lot of comments and questions.

Our colleagues over at TechNet Edge have started to answer the questions around cloud computing specifically aimed at the IT Pro.  It is a four part series which will cover the IT Pro aspect of cloud computing.  Part 1 is available and in it IT Pro Technical Evangelist Joey Snow invites Senior Architect Evangelist Brian Prince to Redmond to begin unravelling the mystery around Cloud Computing in this first video in the four part, Real World Azure series. Joey and Brian keep it light as they fill in the vocabulary for you. They describe what SaaS, Software plus Services and cloud computing are, and point out types of applications which are best-suited for the cloud.

Brian is happy to reveal how IT professionals move up the value food chain and do more of what they aspire to as they begin to leverage cloud computing. The discussion rounds out with a white board chat about the spectrum of applications that might run on-premises, hosted, or in the cloud for an enterprise.

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Take a look, let us know what your thoughts are and stay tuned for the rest of the series.