Top 7 New Improvements Now Found in Microsoft Intune


Microsoft Intune has see quite a few updates over recent months aside from its recent renaming. The changes address concerns brought forth by IT professionals looking to get a better handle on their client end deployment and management. System administrators are now empowered through Intune to not only enable email security, but also take the necessary 1st steps in attempting to unify multiple personas created to manage mobile and desktop devices into a single identity reducing complexity in device management.

The following are the top 7 new improvements found in Microsoft Intune since its November 2014 update.

  1. The New Intune Dashboard – The new dashboard is displayed in a modern look and feel to provide a graphical representation of managed client devices


  2. Managed Access to Company Resources – IT professionals can now create specific profiles detailing resource utilization by devices for Wi-Fi utilization, VPN enablement, E-mail access & Certificate utilization.

  3. Managed Access to On-Premise Exchange – Devices can now be restricted in their attempt to access Exchange should the device not be managed by Intune.

  4. Managed iOS Mobile Apps – IT professionals can now deploy this installer type to enforce mandatory installation of iOS apps that are free of charge from the app store. Alternatively the option of letting the end user choose if they wish to load said app is also available.

  5. Multi-Factor Authentication – Devices can now also take advantage of Multi-Factor Authentication so long as the organization has already deployed and enabled Active Directory Federation services.

  6. Approved and Non-Approved App listing – Allowing end users to view a specified list of apps they can and cannot install.

  7. Enforcement of Kiosk Mode – The ability to lock down the specified device to run under specific parameters such as only run a specific application or disable access to a feature on the device.

All features listed are already implemented and require IT professionals to only setup the policies to take advantage of the new feature set. While this list only covers the top 7 new features found in Microsoft Intune, be sure to test the other newly added functionality here.