It's dangerous this time of night

When you've been up and working late for several weeks, late at night is a dangerous time to be posting to the web. But it's late, I'm playing poker (in ahem... Canada) and so I figured the thome of silence should end.

Susan Bradley, in her Mountain Dew caffeine enhanced awareness state she's always in, has presicently noticed that we've started posting SBS SP1 documentation to the web. This is one of those great decisions that come to me as release manager: Charlie, should we hold off on posting content and gum up an entire publishing process or just let it go live and let people like Susan go crazy? I chose option B, if only for the entertainment value. :-)

So what does this mean about the upcoming release of SBS SP1? Not much. Our documentation is completed, but then it has to be finished weeks ahead of time in order for us to localize (translate) it into all of our languages. How then do we handle changes in the documentation after we lock it down if something changes later on, you ask? Good question. Ever notice those links in the docs that say "Go to this web site for the latest version"? We can update them constantly on the web (and in the future pretty much all of our documentation will be web based. You see this with Office Online today in Office 2003).

I will say we're very close, although I've already had to move our party a couple of times (another one of my job requirements :-). I could bore you with all of the hard work and pressure we go through to ship software to our customers that's high quality, but it's probably not that interesting to you. But I do want to say that our team does an awesome job across the board - people working until 2AM or later to get things done so we can get this out to our customers soon. It's been a rough couple of weeks, but I'm very proud of where we're at.

On a separate note, expect a post from me soon on this whole Microsoft/anti-discrimination bill. I'm so annoyed I can't describe it, but I didn't want to mix that note in with an SBS related one.