Languages and Ex SP1 memory updates

2 things:

1. I challenged someone to tell me the 18 languages that SBS ships in. I realized 10 minutes later that this is relatively trivial, as you can simply go to any SBS hotfix download page, and the language selection page lists them for you. <sigh> But I have to give props to Marty Garins for figuring this out pretty quick. :-)

2. I actually found out some more information about the Exchange SP1 store.exe memory issue. It seems that in SP1 the Exchange team changed how store.exe reports memory usage. More details excerpted here:
Prior to Sp1, the database cache bytes are counted as mapped bytes. In Sp1, the database cache is counted under private bytes. This changed because of the Jet NT code-base merge. Thus, the private bytes will be considerably higher (about 940 MB higher) for Ti SP1 than Ti, Pt etc, and mapped bytes will be correspondingly lower.