What's one more blog in my day?

Some of the SBS MVPs suggested I start a blog. It's actually something I've thought about doing for a while, so I figured I could add some thoughts and answer questions for people about SBS, and also post some wandering thoughts that go across my mind from time to time.

So here's the deal - First, I work for Microsoft on Windows Small Business Server. Therefore, any and all posts that I make about SBS and/or Microsoft are AS IS, and should not be construed to imply any warranties, expressed or implied... yadda yadda yadda. Be fair.

Now the bit about myself, I've worked on SBS since 1999. I've worked on SBS 2000 (and BackOffice Server 2000), and SBS 2003. I've been a Program Manager, designing the networking features in 2000 and 2003, such as the Internet Connection Wizard, POP3 Connector, Remote Access Wizard, and pretty much any other networking, e-mail, or firewall feature.

I'm now the Release Manager for SBS, so if it's taking too long to get the next version out, you can complain to me. :-)

The non-work stuff: For fun, I play golf, and I officiate high school and collegiate volleyball. I also try to get out and play volleyball when I can, but locations to play have become scarcer in the Seattle area, at least for indoor.

What will I be posting here? Random thoughts on SBS, doing my best to answer questions from people and explain what's going on. I may have the occasional question for the folks out there as well.

Oh, so I do have one question for the SBS folks out there today? Why the heck can't you guys use the Configure E-mail and Internet Connection Wizard? One of our top support issues is networking problems because people don't run the wizard, even though we give you the To Do list, the balloon pop-up in the corner, and the default home page on the server to go run it. What else can we do to make you guys use this wizard? It really does make things work. really. Please help - run a wizard - the network connection you save may be your own...