A New Year and A New Beginning

"This is a hope for better year 2010." Designed by FahadQue from PakistanHappy 2010 everyone! I wish all of you a healthy, joyful, and successful new year.

2009 has been a year of pursuing my dreams both personally and professionally. On the personal side, I had a fairytale wedding in my hometown in China. The wedding was a true mix of Eastern and Western cultures. On the professional side, I was searching for my next career step at Microsoft. It was not an easy year for a career move considering the economy. However, the hard work paid off in the end. I got a dream job to go with my dream wedding. :)

I’ll be joining the Windows UX Team as a UX Program Manager. The Windows 95 GUI is what inspired me to get into computer science and design in the first place, so it’s always been my dream to work on the product. It’s also a great transition from my role as a UX Evangelist because I can bring the customer and partner feedback we received in the field to the engineering team and make a direct impact to our products. In my new role, I’m part of the team that’s building the User Experience for next version of Windows. I’m really looking forward to have the chance to improve billions of users’ PC experience.

A new year is a new beginning and in my case I have a new family and job to start. It has been my pleasure to share stories from the community, new technologies, and UX design thoughts with you on this blog. I intend to continue blogging about design and technology and will let you know once I decide the location. In the meantime, feel free to follow me on Twitter: hundredflavour.

Wish everyone the best for a prosperous 2010!


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