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As I was doing my daily reading this morning, I came across three presentations related to mobile design. BBC news today also had a article on Mobile Web experience. It seems everyone is excited about the future of mobile devices and what they can do to improve our on-the-go life style. Each of the presentation below offers some valuable information on the subject.

Designer John Pettengill from Razorfish raises an important point of a “water-down internet” is not the future of mobile web and encourages designers to think about designing unique experiences that can take advantage of a mobile device such as location-aware web applications. 

An Internet Watered Down

View more presentations from John Pettengill.

My colleague Joey DeVilla posted the below short presentation on the “Five Subtle Interface Changes in Windows Mobile 6.5” on the developer blog. I really enjoyed the 5-min comparison between the  6.1 interface and the 6.5 interface. These changes may be subtle but they improve user’s overall productivity in a big way. Just image how many times you browsing through the different menus on your phone everyday. If every time, the new interface saves you 0.5 second, you probably have time to check couple of more emails or listen to more music everyday.

Windows Mobile 6.5: Five Subtle Interface Changes

Professor Pattie Maes’s presentation at this year’s TED was discussed at the IxDA forum yesterday. It’s an inspiration look at what we can do with mobile devices or wearable technologies. I’m fascinated by the idea of accessing information at your finger tip (literally!) and combining natural gesture interaction with smart object recognition. Check out the really cool demos in the presentation!

Pattie Maes & Pranav Mistry: Unveiling the "Sixth Sense," game-changing wearable tech

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