Are you the Canadian User Experience community's newest Intern/Apprentice?

I’m looking for a User Experience (UX) Advisor to join the team that I feel is changing the way Microsoft is connecting with the community. To do this I really want my actions to speak for themselves and invest in the leaders of tomorrow today. This role is not open to everyone and I really want a fresh perspective. Firstly, to keep true to my word, you are top recent (or soon to be) university or college graduate. Secondly, you know who you are.  You’ve done well in school, have a strong technical background, a passion for connecting with others, a desire to learn and an openness to share your experiences with the community. 

You can check out the official job description here for more information (look for User Experience Advisor, Meadowvale).

Normally, I’d be looking for someone with years of experience…. yet, as Microsoft is currently developing a fresh set of user experience and designer tools, it’s time for us to take a fresh approach.  I’m looking for “The UX Intern” to be one of Microsoft's Canada’s connections to the Canadian UX community. This is a great community with some very good people to learn from and connect with. Yet, what makes this role exciting also makes it challenging. As you learn it will be up to you to gain credibility with this community. To do this, you always have to be authentic, open and transparent while sharing as you learn your experiences, stories, leveraging Microsoft’s learnings and passing on some of our best practices with the community.  This is not going to be an easy job and you have to be committed as we know it is a journey!

To help me make sure we have the right "Intern” I’ve asked a few friends from UX Irregulars, Industry and faculty to help me narrow the search.  So... now it’s time to for you to show your stuff!!!

Along with posting your standard resume here, We want you to submit a short video to a video sharing site (YouTube, MSN soapbox...) on why it has to be you. Once you’ve done that come back here and post your link as a comment and be sure to include a link to an online sample of your work which highlights your designer's passion (web design, graphic, or interactive media). Once I get your links, I’ll set up a separate blog post for each candidate to allow comments.

Oh by the way, once we know it’s you… this will be your space, so be creative and tell us why it’s you!