Blog Content Directions

Over the weekend, I had a chance to think about what content to put on this UX blog. I want to hear your feedback on what's interesting to you and how we can better share Microsoft UX experience on the blog.

Here are my possible content categories:

  • Information/Resource: provide links to design method articles, UX related technologies and detailed product tutorials, digital¬†asset libraries, etc.
  • Event reports: announce UX conferences, design camps, group meetings, etc. We will share our experience after attending these events through podcasting, pictures, and documents.
  • Mini-tutorials on upcoming designer tools: as we get our hands dirty with the Microsoft Expression Studio, we will capture our learning and create mini-tutorials to share with the community - a tips and tricks corner.¬†
  • Design stories: collect and share design stories from the UX community with a focus on the design process.
  • Interviews: interview UX experts to talk about their best practices and wisdom.
  • General contents: general thoughts about user experience that do not belong to any of the previous categories. For example, what does a User Experience Advisor do at Microsoft? A lot of people has asked me the question. :-)

So, what do you think?.... and do you have any stories/experiences you want to share?