Candidate - Qixing Zheng

So, what do you think about Qixing? 

Dear John,

My name is Qixing Zheng.

I am a recent Master's graduate (last Dec.) from the University of British Columbia. The following are the top reasons why I should be Microsoft's connection to the Canadian UX community, a.k.a. the Canadian User Experience Advisor.

  1. Master's degree in Computer Science, specializing in Human-Computer Interaction. My thesis is published in the proceeding of SIGCHI 2006. 
  2. Strong design (information, interaction, and visual) and usability evaluation background (3 years) as well as software development (5 years). I have received extensive formal training in all areas of user centered design. 
  3. Used all the MS Expression Beta products in my recent projects. As a user and designer, I would like to embrace this exciting new technology and share my stories to the design community. 
  4. A clear sense of good user experience and a passion to achieve it. I would like to introduce MS Expression as the product that gives designers a simple, consistent, pleasing, and reliable experience. Moreover, I am confident I can demonstrate how these new tools provide a fresher user experience than existing tools. 
  5. My academic background allows me to not only connect to the design community in industry but also the academic research community. I can see the Expression Tools being a great asset to them in quickly building interactive research prototypes and testing innovative design ideas locally or remotely.

I created a personal website after seeing the job post to show my qualifications and passion. Personal Website:

You can read more about my passion for user experience, my resume, portfolio, the UX blogs I love to read, and much more on the site. I hope I will have the opportunity to meet you in person.

Yours truly,

Qixing Zheng