Canididate:Barbara Geng


I just recieved Barbara's application and wanted to share it with you... have a look, check out her video and comments below!

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When I saw the job posting of the User Experience Advisor on the career center website at the University of Toronto, I was so excited about this position. That is just what I am looking for and planning to do in the future. As a new graduate from the Communication Culture and Information Technology program (CCIT) at the University of Toronto at Mississauga, I have the latest design technologies and communication knowledge to equip me to make a significant contribution to the user experience design at Microsoft.

I learned user-centered design in many of the CCIT courses, such as Design Thinking, and Design and Implementation of Multi-Media Documents. In these courses, I explored IBM?s principles of user-centered design and Jesse James Garrett?s diagram of the elements of user experience. Design is a communication process. Users should always be the most important element in the design process. However, professional designers should also learn how to develop the potential of user experience. The twenty-first century is a century of imagination. Information technology drives innovation of design.

A successful

User Experience Advisor is a collaborator between the designers and the users, an experimenter of the information technology, and a director of design innovation.

I believe I am qualified for this position. I would appreciate an interview to discuss my qualifications with you at your convenient time.


Barbara Geng