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I came across SilverlightShow this morning. It's an independent Silverlight community, and the goal of the site is to "help Silverlight developers to find solutions to common problems, to stay up-to-date with the latest news, to learn the best practices by providing quality articles, tips, examples, showcases, books and many more." The site has lots of great information. For example, they aggregate Silverlight news by day from popular blogs and provide a summary for each. I'd like to point out one piece of news in particular because it's a great follow-up to my TechDays talk on Silverlight Control Framework:

Steve from the team blog of the Expression Blend and Design products has published the article “A UserControl base class for Visual State Manager”. If you want to write your own UserControl  then you will need to add your own states to the control and you will also need to know how to handle events and call VisualStateManager.GoToState() to transition between your states. In this post you will find one base class which could be a good starting point for you.

SilverlightShow team also launched a contest called "Silverlight: Write and Win." Developers and designers, enthusiasts and professionals from all over the world are encouraged to enter. The goal is to share what you've leant, made, and know. You have to simply write an article about your concept (application, control, whatever) related to Silverlight 2 and provide the code (under an OSI approved license) and you’ll be entered – submit as many times as you want.  A mix of community members and Microsoft folks will be reviewing the content and code. The contest ends on Jan. 31. I know many of you have created tutorials and write papers on your own blogs, so why not enter the contest and share your knowledge with the bigger community?

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