Design Student of the Month - David Chang

There are a lot of creative students in Canada who are doing innovative work to improve people's life through interactive, visual, informational, and other aspects of User Experience Design. I invited them to introduce who they are and share their work with you. To nominate a Design Student of the Month, email us. The Design Student of the Month for June 2008 is David Chang! Congratulations!! Let's hear from David.

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Who’s David?

I am a recent graduate from the Industrial Design program from the Ontario College of Art and Design. My primary interest has been in the development of unique furniture that offer a unique perspective on what objects can be and how they can perform. Although there is a growing interest in creating virtual experiences as a designer of physical objects I am fascinated with how new narratives and forms of dialogue can be created through these objects and generate unexpected experiences.

What cool things is David working on?

My end of year thesis project revolved around creating new experiences for spaces in need of revitalization. In this case I was looking at the library as the subject matter and in particular the library carrel. Through extensive research of what types of furniture are currently available on the market for libraries and how guests are currently using the various facilities and services I developed a hybrid desk that fuses together characteristics and functions of a shopping cart and a personal work desk. The concept was to bring some energy, movement and fun to the library space while providing guests with the necessary tools to complete certain tasks. The library shouldn’t be boring; it should be stimulating in every way possible.

Currently I am working as Visual Stylist for Canadian retailer Holt Renfrew, working on creating unique narratives and installations for the company’s downtown flagship store windows in Toronto. My experience in model making and my background as a fine artist has allowed me to create one of a kind pieces, such as photo installations and headpieces, for many of the store’s well-recognized and revered displays.

What are David’s plans after graduation?

I am currently doing some summer traveling in Europe with the hopes of getting a grander understanding of what design could do, the types of stories it can tell and how it builds unique relationships with people from various backgrounds. I am continuously looking for new opportunities to enrich my own practice as a designer and could see myself involved with others who seek to push the boundaries of design through multiple forms and outlets.

Want to learn more about David?

If you are interested in other work I have created I can be reached at A web portfolio is currently on the works so keep your eyes peeled. Thank you.

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