Design Student of the Month - Tyler Egeto

There are a lot of creative students in Canada who are doing innovative work to improve people's life through interactive, visual, informational, and other aspects of User Experience Design. I invited them to introduce who they are and share their work with you. To nominate a Design Student of the Month, email us. The Design Student of the Month for March 2008 is Tyler Egeto! Congratulations!! Let's hear from Tyler.


Who’s Tyler?

My name is Tyler Egeto and I am currently a student attending the Digital Design program at Vancouver Film School. My focus is on user interaction, specifically the exploration of alternative forms, and how these can improve user experience. This is a really exciting area to be in, and I want to push the boundaries of what is considered typical user experience in areas such as the web.

What cool stuff is Tyler doing?

I have had the opportunity to explore a lot of exciting technologies, such as multi-touch systems, 3D web technologies, and applying real world data to computer technologies. A project I am currently working on, titled the Organic Web, is an application of an information visualization system being developed for displaying information on the web. This project takes a look at the internet an questions the effectiveness of how information is displayed on it. It attempts to present the web as an organic system, where information ages and changes based on user interaction, or a lack of it. This system is called an Organic Information Visualization System.

The goal of this system is to empower users to search through large amounts of digital data based on several dimension of information, rather than just text. This video gives a brief overview of a demo application of this system.

What are Tyler’s plans after graduation?

With my time at VFS coming to an end, I will be looking to work in a place that shares a similar focus and approach to design as me, one where user experience is a driving force. I want to be in a position where I can continue to explore, grow, and push boundaries as the technologies we use grow and evolve. I feel we are on the brink of some major advancements in what is still a very young field, and I want to be apart of those changes.

Want to learn more about Tyler?

If anyone is interested they can see more of my work at my website, or contact me directly through email at

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