EnergizeIT in Calgary

We are in Calgary this week for EnergizeIT. The post below was published by my colleague Rodney Buike last night on stage when showing the rich blogging features of Window Live Writer – killing two birds with one stone. :)


Today John Bristowe, Qixing Zheng and myself are at the lovely Hotel Arts in Calgary for EnergizeIT.  It has been a busy few days so far that started with a visit with some students at SAIT on Tuesday afternoon.  It was great to talk to the students and faculty about some of the new technologies such as Windows 7 and Azure as well as the ICT job landscape in Canada and tools and programs available to help them be successful when they graduate.

We followed this up with a stop at the Calgary IT Pro Community last night for a user group session covering Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2.  There was a lot of great discussion around IPv6, Branch Cache and general excitement over Windows 7.

Today Qixing and I hoped in a cab and camped out at the Hotel Arts, which is aptly named with its collection of art pieces prominently displayed throughout the premises including this incredible blown glass display hanging from the ceiling.


We were a little embarrassed at taking a cab when we found out it was only 5 blocks from our hotel!

Map picture

During the afternoon Craig Gibson and John Bristowe delivered the Architecting Flexibility portion of Energize IT and they did a great job! 

DSC_0004 (2)

Once they were done it was time for us to setup for the evening session “From the Client to the Cloud” where we covered a broad range of topics related to S+S, or Software + Services, which is Microsoft’s approach to cloud computing.

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Qixing wowed people with some great demos on Windows 7 and right now I am posting this blog entry live from EnergizeIT Calgary as an example of a consumer S+S solution, Windows Live Writer and Community Server (the platform for blogs.technet.com) after editing the photos I took in Windows Live Photo Gallery!

You’ll see the rest of the photos from the day in the EnergizeIT pool on Flickr! and get the informational PowerPoint here.

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