Experience Expression Tour Part I: Overview

WooHoo! David, Rini, Paul and I just finished our first Expression tour, Experience Expression,  in Canada. We went through 3 cities (Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver) in 3 days. Since this is a awareness tour, many of the designers and bloggers haven't seen Expression before. It was exciting to show how the different tools in the Expression family working together and the variety of rich user experience can be created using the tools. Thanks for all the people coming out to our event. We gathered great feedback and insights from the tour to prepare for the much larger scaled Expression tour in the coming year.

In this post, I'll provide an overview of the tour, and in the part II of the post, Paul and I will list some common questions that were asked during the tour and provide our answers.

Event Setting

The event location in each city has their own style. The Richmond in Toronto has bright industrial design, Ex-Centris in Montreal is very hip and funky, and Canvas Lounge in Vancouver has a very artistically modern style. You can check out more photos here.

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