Explore Design is Back! - Part I

ED conference banner

Remember Explore Design? It’s the annual Design Education Fair for Youth. Last year we showed Microsoft Surface, Expression Studio, XNA, etc and invited design leaders from Microsoft Surface and Office teams. This year, we have a even bigger playground at conference by hosting the student lounge.

Do you want to be among the first to try out some of Microsoft’s coolest new technologies? In the Microsoft Student Lounge this year at ED, we will be showing the next version of Windows, even before it is available in stores. You can interact with Windows 7 with one of our multi-touch screens and check out how the user experience design can make your life easier and help you be more productive. Before coming to ED, why not get a PC Hook-up with Christian Lander? It is a web talk show that guides you through PC culture with humour and crazy guests who discovered the right PC to make their digital dreams come true.

Also, in the student lounge, we will show Bing, the new web search experience that helps you make better decisions in shopping, travel, health and more. And your design toolbox just got bigger! Check out how you can use Microsoft Expression Studio to create rich interactive experiences on the web, desktop and phone. For all you future game designers out there, we will show you how to create games for XBOX.

Come to the student lounge to experience digital design, have fun, and win awesome prizes!

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